About Proactive Persuasion

What Sales Objection Most Challenges Your Team?

Proactive Persuasion delivers an interactive seminar to Increase the powers of Persuasion of Sales Professionals in all industries throughout the UK. 

  • The linguistic techniques we reveal are used by some of the most successful business development professionals around the world.
  • We deliver the essence of persuasion, enabling delegates to enjoy the benefits of integrating persuasive linguistic techniques immediately.
  • Our seminar will raise your awareness of how persuasive language affects your prospects and clients subconsciously. With this insight, delegates will be able to decide which persuasive technique to use to gently guide your prospect towards making the right decision.


What will you learn?

The skills to be substantially more persuasive, and exert more influence instantly!

The Seminar covers

16 Powerful Persuasive techniques modelled after the most successful sales professionals worldwide.